NtrOptions Struct Reference

Options for nanotrav. More...

#include <ntr.h>

Data Fields

long initialTime
int verify
char * file1
char * file2
int second
int traverse
int depend
int image
double imageClip
int approx
int threshold
int from
int groupnsps
int closure
double closureClip
int envelope
int scc
int zddtest
int printcover
int maxflow
int shortPath
int selectiveTrace
char * sinkfile
int partition
int char2vect
int density
double quality
int decomp
int cofest
double clip
int dontcares
int closestCube
int clauses
int noBuild
int stateOnly
char * node
int locGlob
int progress
int cacheSize
size_t maxMemory
size_t maxMemHard
unsigned int maxLive
int slots
int ordering
char * orderPiPs
Cudd_ReorderingType reordering
int autoDyn
Cudd_ReorderingType autoMethod
char * treefile
int firstReorder
int countDead
int maxGrowth
Cudd_AggregationType groupcheck
int arcviolation
int symmviolation
int recomb
int nodrop
int signatures
int gaOnOff
int populationSize
int numberXovers
int bdddump
int dumpFmt
char * dumpfile
int store
char * storefile
int load
char * loadfile
int verb
int32_t seed

Detailed Description

Options for nanotrav.

Field Documentation

under or over approximation

percent violation of arcs in extended symmetry check




computed table initial size

test char-to-vect decomposition

test extraction of two-literal clauses

test clipping functions

test Cudd_bddClosestCube

use transitive closure

clipping depth in closure computation

test cofactor estimation

count dead nodes toward triggering reordering

test decomposition functions

test density-related functions

do latch dependence analysis

test equivalence and containment with DCs

filename for dump

0 -> dot 1 -> blif 2 ->daVinci 3 -> DDcal 4 -> factored form

compute outer envelope

first network file name

second network file name

when to do first reordering

method to compute from states

whether to run GA at the end

grouping function

group present state and next state vars

monolithic, partitioned, or clip

clipping depth in image computation

this is here for convenience

load initial states from file

filename for loading states

build global or local BDDs

compute maximum flow in network

maximum growth during reordering (%)

unsigned int NtrOptions::maxLive

maximum number of nodes

maximum allowed memory

target maximum memory

do not build BDDs; just echo order

only node for which to build BDD

don't drop intermediate BDDs ASAP

number of crossovers for GA


file for externally provided order

test McMillan conjunctive partitioning

population size for GA

print ISOP covers when testing ZDDs

report output names while building BDDs

quality parameter for density functions

recombination parameter for grouping


compute strongly connected components

a second network is given

seed for random number generator

use selective trace in shortest paths

compute shortest paths in network

computation of signatures

file for externally provided sink node

unique subtable initial slots

ignore primary outputs

iteration at which to store Reached

filename for storing Reached

percent symm violation in extended symmetry check

approximation threshold

do reachability analysis

file name for variable tree

level of verbosity

read two networks and compare them

do zdd test

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