GeneticInfo Struct Reference

Miscellaneous information. More...

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Data Fields

int popsize
int numvars
int * storedd
 storedd stores the population orders and sizes.
int * repeat
int large
int result
int cross

Detailed Description

Miscellaneous information.

Field Documentation

hash table to identify existing orders

the number of crossovers to perform

stores the index of the population with the largest number of nodes in the DD

the number of variables to be ordered.

the size of the population

how many times an order is present


storedd stores the population orders and sizes.

This table has two extra rows and one extras column. The two extra rows are used for the offspring produced by a crossover. Each row stores one order and its size. The order is stored by storing the indices of variables in the order in which they appear in the order. The table is in reality a one-dimensional array which is accessed via a macro to give the illusion it is a two-dimensional structure.

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