DdManager Struct Reference

Specialized DD symbol table. More...

#include <cuddInt.h>

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Data Fields

DdNode sentinel
unsigned int cacheSlots
int cacheShift
double cacheMisses
double cacheHits
double minHit
int cacheSlack
unsigned int maxCacheHard
int size
int sizeZ
int maxSize
int maxSizeZ
DdSubtable constants
unsigned int slots
unsigned int keys
unsigned int keysZ
unsigned int dead
unsigned int deadZ
unsigned int maxLive
unsigned int minDead
int gcEnabled
double gcFrac
unsigned int looseUpTo
unsigned int initSlots
DdNode ** stack
double allocated
double reclaimed
int * perm
int * permZ
int * invperm
int * invpermZ
DdNode ** vars
int * map
DdNode ** univ
unsigned int isolated
unsigned int originalSize
int linearSize
DdNode ** memoryList
char * stash
DdNode ** deathRow
int deathRowDepth
int nextDead
unsigned deadMask
int reordered
unsigned int reorderings
unsigned int maxReorderings
int siftMaxVar
int siftMaxSwap
int ddTotalNumberSwapping
int zddTotalNumberSwapping
int reordCycle
double maxGrowth
double maxGrowthAlt
int autoDyn
int autoDynZ
Cudd_ReorderingType autoMethod
Cudd_ReorderingType autoMethodZ
int realign
int realignZ
unsigned int nextDyn
unsigned int countDead
Cudd_AggregationType groupcheck
int recomb
int symmviolation
int arcviolation
int populationSize
int numberXovers
unsigned int randomizeOrder
void * hooks
FILE * out
FILE * err
Cudd_ErrorType errorCode
unsigned long startTime
unsigned long timeLimit
DD_THFP terminationCallback
void * tcbArg
DD_OOMFP outOfMemCallback
DD_TOHFP timeoutHandler
void * tohArg
size_t memused
size_t maxmem
size_t maxmemhard
int garbageCollections
unsigned long GCTime
unsigned long reordTime
double totCachehits
double totCacheMisses
double cachecollisions
double cacheinserts
double cacheLastInserts
double cachedeletions
unsigned int peakLiveNodes
int32_t cuddRand
int32_t cuddRand2
int32_t shuffleSelect
int32_t shuffleTable [64]

Detailed Description

Specialized DD symbol table.

Field Documentation

address of allocated memory for cache

number of nodes allocated (not during reordering)

used during group sifting

automatic dynamic reordering flag (BDD)

automatic dynamic reordering flag (ZDD)

default reordering method

default reordering method (ZDD)

background value

the cache-based computed table

number of cache collisions

number of deletions during garbage coll.

number of cache hits (since resizing)

number of cache insertions

insertions at the last cache resizing

number of cache misses (since resizing)

shift value for cache hash function

slots still available for resizing

unsigned int DdManager::cacheSlots

total number of cache entries

unique subtable for the constants

unsigned int DdManager::countDead

if 0, count deads to trigger reordering

state of the random number generator

state of the random number generator

number of BDD/ADD swaps completed

unsigned int DdManager::dead

total number of dead BDD and ADD nodes

mask for circular index update

unsigned int DdManager::deadZ

total number of dead ZDD nodes

queue for dereferencing

number of slots in the queue

tolerance on comparisons

stderr for this manager

info on last error

number of garbage collections

gc is enabled

gc when this fraction is dead

unsigned long DdManager::GCTime

total time spent in garbage collection

used during group sifting

application-specific field (used by vis)

unsigned int DdManager::initSlots

initial size of a subtable

interacting variable matrix

current inv. var. perm. (level to index)

for ZDD

unsigned int DdManager::isolated

isolated projection functions

unsigned int DdManager::keys

total number of BDD and ADD nodes

unsigned int DdManager::keysZ

total number of ZDD nodes

linear transform matrix

number of rows and columns of linear

local caches currently in existence

unsigned int DdManager::looseUpTo

slow growth beyond this limit (measured w.r.t. slots, not keys)

variable map for fast swap

hard limit for cache size

maximum growth during reordering

alternate maximum growth for reordering

unsigned int DdManager::maxLive

maximum number of live nodes

target maximum memory

hard limit for maximum memory

maximum number of calls to Cudd_ReduceHeap

max number of subtables before resizing

for ZDD

memory manager for symbol table

total memory allocated for the manager

unsigned int DdManager::minDead

do not GC if fewer than these dead

hit percentage above which to resize

minus infinity

index in the queue

unsigned int DdManager::nextDyn

reorder if this size is reached

list of free nodes

number of crossovers for GA

constant 1

used by lazy sifting

stdout for this manager

out-of-memory callback

maximum number of live nodes

current variable perm. (index to level)

for ZDD

plus infinity

population size for GA

hooks to be called after GC

hooks to be called after reordering

hooks to be called before GC

hooks to be called before reordering

perturb the next reordering threshold

realign ZDD order after BDD reordering

realign BDD order after ZDD reordering

number of nodes brought back from the dead

used during group sifting

how often to apply alternate threshold

flag set at the end of reordering

unsigned int DdManager::reorderings

number of calls to Cudd_ReduceHeap

unsigned long DdManager::reordTime

total time spent in reordering

for collision lists

state of the random number generator

state of the random number generator

maximum number of swaps per sifting

maximum number of vars sifted

number of unique subtables

for ZDD

unsigned int DdManager::slots

total number of hash buckets

stack for iterative procedures

unsigned long DdManager::startTime

start time in milliseconds

memory reserve

array of unique subtables

for ZDD

used during group sifting

second argument passed to termination handler

termination callback

unsigned long DdManager::timeLimit

CPU time limit

timeout handler

second argument passed to timeout handler

total number of cache hits

total number of cache misses

variable group tree (BDD)

variable group tree (ZDD)

ZDD 1 for each variable

projection functions

number of ZDD swaps completed

constant 0

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