BnetNode Struct Reference

Node of the boolean network. More...

#include <bnet.h>

Collaboration diagram for BnetNode:

Data Fields

char * name
int type
int ninp
int nfo
char ** inputs
int polarity
int active
int var
int exdc_flag
struct BnetNodeexdc
int count
int level
int visited
struct BnetNodenext

Detailed Description

Node of the boolean network.

There is one node in the network for each primary input and for each .names directive. This structure has a field to point to the DD of the node function. The function may be either in terms of primary inputs, or it may be in terms of the local inputs. The latter implies that each node has a variable index associated to it at some point in time. The field "var" stores that variable index, and "active" says if the association is currently valid. (It is indeed possible for an index to be associated to different nodes at different times.)

Field Documentation

node has variable associated to it (1) or not (0)

auxiliary field for DD dropping

decision diagram for the function of this node

struct BnetNode* BnetNode::exdc [read]

pointer to exdc of dd node

whether an exdc node or not

truth table for this node

input names

maximum distance from the inputs

name of the output signal

struct BnetNode* BnetNode::next [read]

pointer to implement the linked list of nodes

number of fanout nodes for this node

number of inputs to the node

f is the onset (0) or the offset (1)

input, internal, constant, ...

DD variable index associated to this node

flag for search

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