CUDD test application. More...


file  bnet.c

Functions to read in a boolean network.

file  bnet.h

Simple-minded package to read a blif file.

file  chkMterm.c

Functions to check that the minterm counts have not changed during reordering.

file  main.c

Main program for the nanotrav program.

file  ntr.c

A very simple reachability analysis program.

file  ntr.h

Simple-minded package to do traversal.

file  ntrBddTest.c

BDD test functions for the nanotrav program.

file  ntrHeap.c

Functions for heap-based priority queues.

file  ntrMflow.c

Symbolic maxflow algorithm.

file  ntrShort.c

Symbolic shortest paths algorithms.

file  ntrZddTest.c

ZDD test functions.

Detailed Description

CUDD test application.

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