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file  cudd.h

The University of Colorado decision diagram package.

file  cuddAddAbs.c

Quantification functions for ADDs.

file  cuddAddApply.c

Apply functions for ADDs and their operators.

file  cuddAddFind.c

Functions to find maximum and minimum in an ADD and to extract the i-th bit.

file  cuddAddInv.c

Function to compute the scalar inverse of an ADD.

file  cuddAddIte.c

ADD ITE function and satellites.

file  cuddAddNeg.c

Function to compute the negation of an ADD.

file  cuddAddWalsh.c

Functions that generate Walsh matrices and residue functions in ADD form.

file  cuddAndAbs.c

Combined AND and existential abstraction for BDDs.

file  cuddAnneal.c

Reordering of DDs based on simulated annealing.

file  cuddApa.c

Arbitrary precision arithmetic functions.

file  cuddAPI.c

Application interface functions.

file  cuddApprox.c

Procedures to approximate a given BDD.

file  cuddBddAbs.c

Quantification functions for BDDs.

file  cuddBddCorr.c

Correlation between BDDs.

file  cuddBddIte.c

BDD ITE function and satellites.

file  cuddBridge.c

Translation from BDD to ADD and vice versa and transfer between different managers.

file  cuddCache.c

Functions for cache insertion and lookup.

file  cuddCheck.c

Functions to check consistency of data structures.

file  cuddClip.c

Clipping functions.

file  cuddCof.c

Cofactoring functions.

file  cuddCompose.c

Functional composition and variable permutation of DDs.

file  cuddDecomp.c

Functions for BDD decomposition.

file  cuddEssent.c

Functions for the detection of essential variables.

file  cuddExact.c

Functions for exact variable reordering.

file  cuddExport.c

Export functions.

file  cuddGenCof.c

Generalized cofactors for BDDs and ADDs.

file  cuddGenetic.c

Genetic algorithm for variable reordering.

file  cuddGroup.c

Functions for group sifting.

file  cuddHarwell.c

Function to read a matrix in Harwell format.

file  cuddInit.c

Functions to initialize and shut down the DD manager.

file  cuddInt.h

Internal data structures of the CUDD package.

file  cuddInteract.c

Functions to manipulate the variable interaction matrix.

file  cuddLCache.c

Functions for local caches.

file  cuddLevelQ.c

Procedure to manage level queues.

file  cuddLinear.c

Functions for BDD and ADD reduction by linear transformations.

file  cuddLiteral.c

Functions for manipulation of literal sets represented by BDDs.

file  cuddMatMult.c

Matrix multiplication functions.

file  cuddPriority.c

Priority functions.

file  cuddRead.c

Functions to read in a matrix.

file  cuddRef.c

Functions that manipulate the reference counts.

file  cuddReorder.c

Functions for dynamic variable reordering.

file  cuddSat.c

Functions for the solution of satisfiability related problems.

file  cuddSign.c

Computation of signatures.

file  cuddSolve.c

Boolean equation solver and related functions.

file  cuddSplit.c

Returns a subset of minterms from a boolean function.

file  cuddSubsetHB.c

Procedure to subset the given BDD by choosing the heavier branches.

file  cuddSubsetSP.c

Procedure to subset the given BDD choosing the shortest paths (largest cubes) in the BDD.

file  cuddSymmetry.c

Functions for symmetry-based variable reordering.

file  cuddTable.c

Unique table management functions.

file  cuddUtil.c

Utility functions.

file  cuddWindow.c

Functions for variable reordering by window permutation.

file  cuddZddCount.c

Procedures to count the number of minterms of a ZDD.

file  cuddZddFuncs.c

Functions to manipulate covers represented as ZDDs.

file  cuddZddGroup.c

Functions for ZDD group sifting.

file  cuddZddIsop.c

Functions to find irredundant SOP covers as ZDDs from BDDs.

file  cuddZddLin.c

Procedures for dynamic variable ordering of ZDDs.

file  cuddZddMisc.c

Miscellaneous utility functions for ZDDs.

file  cuddZddPort.c

Functions that translate BDDs to ZDDs.

file  cuddZddReord.c

Procedures for dynamic variable ordering of ZDDs.

file  cuddZddSetop.c

Set operations on ZDDs.

file  cuddZddSymm.c

Functions for symmetry-based ZDD variable reordering.

file  cuddZddUtil.c

Utility functions for ZDDs.

file  testcudd.c

Sanity check tests for some CUDD functions.

file  testextra.c

This program tests selected features of CUDD.

Detailed Description

The University of Colorado Decision Diagram package.

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