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cplusplus/cuddObj.ccFunctions for the C++ object-oriented encapsulation of CUDD
cplusplus/cuddObj.hh [code]Class definitions for C++ object-oriented encapsulation of CUDD
cplusplus/testmulti.ccTest program for multiple managers (one per thread)
cplusplus/testobj.ccTest program for the C++ object-oriented encapsulation of CUDD
cudd/cudd.h [code]The University of Colorado decision diagram package
cudd/cuddAddAbs.cQuantification functions for ADDs
cudd/cuddAddApply.cApply functions for ADDs and their operators
cudd/cuddAddFind.cFunctions to find maximum and minimum in an ADD and to extract the i-th bit
cudd/cuddAddInv.cFunction to compute the scalar inverse of an ADD
cudd/cuddAddIte.cADD ITE function and satellites
cudd/cuddAddNeg.cFunction to compute the negation of an ADD
cudd/cuddAddWalsh.cFunctions that generate Walsh matrices and residue functions in ADD form
cudd/cuddAndAbs.cCombined AND and existential abstraction for BDDs
cudd/cuddAnneal.cReordering of DDs based on simulated annealing
cudd/cuddApa.cArbitrary precision arithmetic functions
cudd/cuddAPI.cApplication interface functions
cudd/cuddApprox.cProcedures to approximate a given BDD
cudd/cuddBddAbs.cQuantification functions for BDDs
cudd/cuddBddCorr.cCorrelation between BDDs
cudd/cuddBddIte.cBDD ITE function and satellites
cudd/cuddBridge.cTranslation from BDD to ADD and vice versa and transfer between different managers
cudd/cuddCache.cFunctions for cache insertion and lookup
cudd/cuddCheck.cFunctions to check consistency of data structures
cudd/cuddClip.cClipping functions
cudd/cuddCof.cCofactoring functions
cudd/cuddCompose.cFunctional composition and variable permutation of DDs
cudd/cuddDecomp.cFunctions for BDD decomposition
cudd/cuddEssent.cFunctions for the detection of essential variables
cudd/cuddExact.cFunctions for exact variable reordering
cudd/cuddExport.cExport functions
cudd/cuddGenCof.cGeneralized cofactors for BDDs and ADDs
cudd/cuddGenetic.cGenetic algorithm for variable reordering
cudd/cuddGroup.cFunctions for group sifting
cudd/cuddHarwell.cFunction to read a matrix in Harwell format
cudd/cuddInit.cFunctions to initialize and shut down the DD manager
cudd/cuddInt.h [code]Internal data structures of the CUDD package
cudd/cuddInteract.cFunctions to manipulate the variable interaction matrix
cudd/cuddLCache.cFunctions for local caches
cudd/cuddLevelQ.cProcedure to manage level queues
cudd/cuddLinear.cFunctions for BDD and ADD reduction by linear transformations
cudd/cuddLiteral.cFunctions for manipulation of literal sets represented by BDDs
cudd/cuddMatMult.cMatrix multiplication functions
cudd/cuddPriority.cPriority functions
cudd/cuddRead.cFunctions to read in a matrix
cudd/cuddRef.cFunctions that manipulate the reference counts
cudd/cuddReorder.cFunctions for dynamic variable reordering
cudd/cuddSat.cFunctions for the solution of satisfiability related problems
cudd/cuddSign.cComputation of signatures
cudd/cuddSolve.cBoolean equation solver and related functions
cudd/cuddSplit.cReturns a subset of minterms from a boolean function
cudd/cuddSubsetHB.cProcedure to subset the given BDD by choosing the heavier branches
cudd/cuddSubsetSP.cProcedure to subset the given BDD choosing the shortest paths (largest cubes) in the BDD
cudd/cuddSymmetry.cFunctions for symmetry-based variable reordering
cudd/cuddTable.cUnique table management functions
cudd/cuddUtil.cUtility functions
cudd/cuddWindow.cFunctions for variable reordering by window permutation
cudd/cuddZddCount.cProcedures to count the number of minterms of a ZDD
cudd/cuddZddFuncs.cFunctions to manipulate covers represented as ZDDs
cudd/cuddZddGroup.cFunctions for ZDD group sifting
cudd/cuddZddIsop.cFunctions to find irredundant SOP covers as ZDDs from BDDs
cudd/cuddZddLin.cProcedures for dynamic variable ordering of ZDDs
cudd/cuddZddMisc.cMiscellaneous utility functions for ZDDs
cudd/cuddZddPort.cFunctions that translate BDDs to ZDDs
cudd/cuddZddReord.cProcedures for dynamic variable ordering of ZDDs
cudd/cuddZddSetop.cSet operations on ZDDs
cudd/cuddZddSymm.cFunctions for symmetry-based ZDD variable reordering
cudd/cuddZddUtil.cUtility functions for ZDDs
cudd/testcudd.cSanity check tests for some CUDD functions
cudd/testextra.cThis program tests selected features of CUDD
epd/epd.cArithmetic functions with extended double precision
epd/epd.h [code]The University of Colorado extended double precision package
epd/epdInt.h [code]Internal header for the University of Colorado extended double precision package
mtr/mtr.h [code]Multiway-branch tree manipulation
mtr/mtrBasic.cBasic manipulation of multiway branching trees
mtr/mtrGroup.cFunctions to support group specification for reordering
mtr/mtrInt.h [code]Internal data structures of the mtr package
mtr/testmtr.cTest program for the mtr package
nanotrav/bnet.cFunctions to read in a boolean network
nanotrav/bnet.h [code]Simple-minded package to read a blif file
nanotrav/chkMterm.cFunctions to check that the minterm counts have not changed during reordering
nanotrav/main.cMain program for the nanotrav program
nanotrav/ntr.cA very simple reachability analysis program
nanotrav/ntr.h [code]Simple-minded package to do traversal
nanotrav/ntrBddTest.cBDD test functions for the nanotrav program
nanotrav/ntrHeap.cFunctions for heap-based priority queues
nanotrav/ntrMflow.cSymbolic maxflow algorithm
nanotrav/ntrShort.cSymbolic shortest paths algorithms
nanotrav/ntrZddTest.cZDD test functions
st/st.cSymbol table package
st/st.h [code]Symbol table package
st/testst.cSimple test program of the st library
util/cpu_stats.cCPU statistics
util/cpu_time.cSystem time calls
util/cstringstream.cSimple string streams in C
util/cstringstream.h [code]Package for simple stringstreams in C
util/datalimit.cAccess to datasize limit
util/pathsearch.cSearch in PATH
util/pipefork.cForks a command and sets up pipes to and from
util/prtime.cTime printing utility
util/safe_mem.cInterface routines to be placed between a program and the system memory allocator
util/strsav.cString copying
util/texpand.cTilde expansion
util/ucbqsort.cAncient implementation of qsort
util/util.h [code]Low-level utilities
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