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Class for ADDs. More...

#include <cuddObj.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 ADD (Capsule *cap, DdNode *bddNode)
 ADD (Cudd const &manager, DdNode *ddNode)
 ADD (const ADD &from)
ADD operator= (const ADD &right)
bool operator<= (const ADD &other) const
bool operator>= (const ADD &other) const
bool operator< (const ADD &other) const
bool operator> (const ADD &other) const
ADD operator- () const
ADD operator* (const ADD &other) const
ADD operator*= (const ADD &other)
ADD operator+ (const ADD &other) const
ADD operator+= (const ADD &other)
ADD operator- (const ADD &other) const
ADD operator-= (const ADD &other)
ADD operator~ () const
ADD operator& (const ADD &other) const
ADD operator&= (const ADD &other)
ADD operator| (const ADD &other) const
ADD operator|= (const ADD &other)
bool IsZero () const
ADD ExistAbstract (const ADD &cube) const
ADD UnivAbstract (const ADD &cube) const
ADD OrAbstract (const ADD &cube) const
ADD Plus (const ADD &g) const
ADD Times (const ADD &g) const
ADD Threshold (const ADD &g) const
ADD SetNZ (const ADD &g) const
ADD Divide (const ADD &g) const
ADD Minus (const ADD &g) const
ADD Minimum (const ADD &g) const
ADD Maximum (const ADD &g) const
ADD OneZeroMaximum (const ADD &g) const
ADD Diff (const ADD &g) const
ADD Agreement (const ADD &g) const
ADD Or (const ADD &g) const
ADD Nand (const ADD &g) const
ADD Nor (const ADD &g) const
ADD Xor (const ADD &g) const
ADD Xnor (const ADD &g) const
ADD Log () const
ADD FindMax () const
ADD FindMin () const
ADD IthBit (int bit) const
ADD ScalarInverse (const ADD &epsilon) const
ADD Ite (const ADD &g, const ADD &h) const
ADD IteConstant (const ADD &g, const ADD &h) const
ADD EvalConst (const ADD &g) const
bool Leq (const ADD &g) const
ADD Cmpl () const
ADD Negate () const
ADD RoundOff (int N) const
BDD BddThreshold (CUDD_VALUE_TYPE value) const
BDD BddStrictThreshold (CUDD_VALUE_TYPE value) const
BDD BddInterval (CUDD_VALUE_TYPE lower, CUDD_VALUE_TYPE upper) const
BDD BddIthBit (int bit) const
BDD BddPattern () const
ADD Cofactor (const ADD &g) const
ADD Compose (const ADD &g, int v) const
ADD Permute (int *permut) const
ADD SwapVariables (std::vector< ADD > x, std::vector< ADD > y) const
ADD VectorCompose (std::vector< ADD > vector) const
ADD NonSimCompose (std::vector< ADD > vector) const
ADD Constrain (const ADD &c) const
ADD Restrict (const ADD &c) const
ADD MatrixMultiply (const ADD &B, std::vector< ADD > z) const
ADD TimesPlus (const ADD &B, std::vector< ADD > z) const
ADD Triangle (const ADD &g, std::vector< ADD > z) const
ADD Eval (int *inputs) const
bool EqualSupNorm (const ADD &g, CUDD_VALUE_TYPE tolerance, int pr) const


class Cudd

Detailed Description

Class for ADDs.

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