ABDD Class Reference

Class for ADDs and BDDs. More...

#include <cuddObj.hh>

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Public Member Functions

bool operator== (const ABDD &other) const
bool operator!= (const ABDD &other) const
void print (int nvars, int verbosity=1) const
void summary (int nvars, int mode=0) const
DdApaNumber ApaCountMinterm (int nvars, int *digits) const
void ApaPrintMinterm (int nvars, FILE *fp=stdout) const
void ApaPrintMintermExp (int nvars, int precision=6, FILE *fp=stdout) const
void EpdPrintMinterm (int nvars, FILE *fp=stdout) const
long double LdblCountMinterm (int nvars) const
bool IsOne () const
bool IsCube () const
BDD FindEssential () const
void PrintTwoLiteralClauses (char **names=0, FILE *fp=stdout) const
BDD ShortestPath (int *weight, int *support, int *length) const
BDD LargestCube (int *length=0) const
int ShortestLength (int *weight=0) const
bool EquivDC (const ABDD &G, const ABDD &D) const
double * CofMinterm () const
void PrintMinterm () const
double CountMinterm (int nvars) const
double CountPath () const
BDD Support () const
int SupportSize () const
std::vector< unsigned int > SupportIndices () const
void ClassifySupport (const ABDD &g, BDD *common, BDD *onlyF, BDD *onlyG) const
int CountLeaves () const
double Density (int nvars) const

Protected Member Functions

 ABDD (Capsule *cap, DdNode *bddNode)
 ABDD (Cudd const &manager, DdNode *ddNode)
 ABDD (const ABDD &from)


class Cudd

Detailed Description

Class for ADDs and BDDs.

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