Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
_cstringstreamType of a simple extensible string buffer
ABDDClass for ADDs and BDDs
ADDClass for ADDs
ApproxInfoMain bookkeeping data structure for approximation algorithms
AssortedInfoAssorted information needed by the BuildSubsetBdd procedure
BDDClass for BDDs
BnetNetworkVery simple boolean network data structure
BnetNodeNode of the boolean network
BnetTablineType to store a line of the truth table of a node
CapsuleClass for reference counting of CUDD managers
ConjunctsType of a pair of conjoined BDDs
CuddClass for CUDD managers
cuddPathPairType of item stored in memoization table
DDBase class for all decision diagrams in CUDD
DdCacheComputed table
DdChildrenThe two children of a non-terminal node
DdGenCUDD generator
DdHashItemLocal hash table item
DdHashTableLocal hash table
DdHookCUDD hook
DdLevelQueueLevel queue
DdLocalCacheLocal cache
DdLocalCacheItemGeneric local cache item
DdManagerSpecialized DD symbol table
DdNodeDecision diagram node
DdQueueItemGeneric level queue item
DdSubtableSubtable for one index
DdTlcInfoThis structure holds the set of clauses for a node
EpDoubleStructExtended precision double to keep very large value
EpTypeUnionDifferent views of a double
flowStatsStructStructure to hold statistics
GeneticInfoMiscellaneous information
GlobalInfoBookkeeping data structure for subsetting algorithm
GlobalQueueItemItem of the queue used in the levelized traversal of the BDD
hackThis is a hack for when CUDD_VALUE_TYPE is double
IeeeDoubleStructIEEE double struct
IeeeNanStructIEEE double NaN struct
IndexKeyUsed to sort variables for reordering
info_tMiscellaneous information
LocalQueueItemType of the item of the local queue
MoveReordering move record
MtrNode_Multi-way tree node
mysJust some struct type
NodeDataData structure to store the information on each node
NodeDistStructure created to store subset results for each node and distances with odd and even parity of the node from the root and sink
NodeStatStats for one node
NtrHeapHeap-based priority queue
NtrHeapSlotEntry of NtrHeap
NtrOptionsOptions for nanotrav
NtrPartTRData structure for partitioned transition relation
st_generatorSymbol table generator
st_tableSymbol table header
st_table_entrySymbol table entry
SubsetInfoMiscellaneous info
TlClauseThis structure is for temporary representation of sets of clauses
ZDDClass for ZDDs
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