Research Interests

My research interests lie in the domain of high performance microprocessor design, but with a low power twist. Initially, power was not a primary concern in the high performance processor market except for high performance portable computers. For these products, power was reduced by using a lower voltage supply and or slower clock frequencies. Unfortunately, this also resulted in a performance loss. Recently, though, power dissipation is becoming a dominant concern for the high performance market primarily because of reliability issues. The next generation high-end processors will dissipate 50+ Watts of power. This in turn requires an expensive package to handle the heat. If the package is not available due to cost limitations, the performance of the chip is throttled using various mechanisms. Hence power and performance are heavily intertwined, and reducing the power of the system can have a positive impact on the overall performance of the processor. My work focuses on micro-architectural redesign to retain performance while reducing power.

Personal Interests

When I have time for fun, I enjoy hiking, biking, skiing, volleyball, and generally anything that involves the outdoors. I also enjoy exotic and spicy foods and decadent desserts.

Career Goals

My goal after receiving my PhD is to find an academic position or a position in a industrial lab where I can still stay active in the research community. My future research goals are to continue the work on Low Power Systems and high performance processors with an emphasis on peak power dissipation and its impact on processor reliability. Besides Low Power Microprocessor design, I would like to expand into the areas of system level power issues and power and performance tradeoffs in application specific processors, such as Graphics and DSP processors.

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