Where is Lugo? Lugo is the name of a city and a province in the north west region of Spain called Galicia.

This is the city's shield.

The city of Lugo was "formally" founded by the romans sometime around 70 B.C. Today, it has a population of approximately 85.000 people.

Here you may see a map of downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Among its various important monuments it has the only complete round roman wall ("muralla") in Spain.

This wall was built by the romans as a way to keep the city safe from enemy attacks. Lugo is located in a hill and the wall surrounds its top. During the following centuries, numerous modifications and repairs were needed to preserve it, but it still stands today as the most prominent symbol of the city. It has a perimeter of around 2.200 meters (1.375 miles). It surrounds the "downtown" part of the city and it has several entrances. It is one of the favorite places for the city residents (called "lugueses" or "lucenses") to take casual walks, jog, walk the dog, etc.

Inside this roman wall, we find its beautiful Romanesque cathedral.

Here is a partial aerial view of the city in which part of both the roman wall and the cathedral can be seen.

Yet another view of the cathedral's main tower.

And now, several typical landscapes of the country surrounding Lugo.

So swing by if you can, you won't regret it. You'll find out for yourself why the city's motto is: .... y para comer, LUGO.

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